Monday, January 6, 2020

Aids And Its Effects On Children - 1978 Words

Abstract AIDS is caused by the HIV infection. HIV attacks the immune system, which causes it to waken, when this happens the HIV infection is considered AIDS. It causes the body to be more acceptable to diseases, infections, and cancer. There is not known cure for AIDS, but most patients survive because of treatment and new medications. This disease is deadly without treatment. To avoid the spread of AIDS, drug users should avoid reusing, or sharing needles. AIDS can be spread through the use of contaminated needles. Also, using condoms during sex can help reduce the spread of AIDS, but this is not 100% effective. People can be infected with HIV and still be completely healthy, and take their medicine every day to prevent it from getting†¦show more content†¦AIDS affects everyone in different ways, some people have no symptoms, and other people have many symptoms. When living with AIDS, people have to take special care of themselves, they have to make sure they take their medicines c orrectly, because if they do not it can weaken their immune system, then the medicines become less effective. HIV has different stages that is goes through as the infection gets worse, AIDS being the last stage (Stages of HIV, 2014). A person is considered to have aids when their t-cell count is less than 200 (HIV/AIDS, 2014). AIDS is caused by the HIV infection. HIV is an infection that slowly weakens and destroys the immune system, which causes the immune system to stop working, allowing more diseases, infections, and cancers to enter the body. T-cells are one of the main parts of the immune system, they activate the immune system when viruses or bacteria enter the body (CD4 Count, 2014). When someone has HIV it uses the t-cells to increase the HIV infection, and destroys their t-cells. When someone’s t-cell gets lower then 200, it is considered AIDS (HIV/AIDS, 2014). A person can have an HIV infection for years before it develops into AIDS. If HIV is diagnosed early enough, antiretroviral drugs can be taken to prevent the infection from progressing to AIDS, this is why

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