Monday, February 10, 2020

Practical Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Practical Life - Essay Example Teaching polite responses: - children show respect and care to others by good manners they learn. By this tender age, the child should be saying, â€Å"excuse me†, â€Å"please† â€Å"thank you† frequent and this should be a reminder. For instance, if she received a gift in school, teach her to say, â€Å"thank you†. When a child needs something from you as a parent, e.g. a book, explain to her that that you would prefer buying her if she talks politely, â€Å"please mum, would you buy me a book?†, and you do not like if she demands or give orders. Avoiding overreacting: - if your child abuses you by calling you ‘butthead’, try to keep your emotions and react politely. Usually, children who want to annoy and provoke a reaction will tolerate any repulsiveness just to raise your anger. However, face them quietly but boldly and tell them, â€Å"In this family we do not call each other such names.† Thereafter, show them how to get what they need respectfully: â€Å"if you need my help, just ask politely, ‘mum! Please assist me, I have some homework and I cannot manage

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